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Jan 13

Checkout management bundle for Symfony 2

Introduction I actually work, on my spare-time, on an e-commerce website. As I had to implement Paypal ExpressCheckout payment method and because I didn’t found any CheckoutBundle matching to my needs, I decided to create one and to provide it with Apache 2 licence. Thus was born ElendevCheckoutBundle. This bundle is still under development and …

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Jan 11

Image management bundle for Symfony 2 / Twig

Introduction During works on some websites, I often encountered the necessity to create thumbnails of existing images. Its allways the same problem : I need to save thumbnails on some specific directories, manage thumbnails creations on file upload and so on. So I decided to create the ElendevImageBundle for Symfony 2. The template designer specify …

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Dec 13

Use a database as a translation provider in Symfony 2

Introduction This article explain how to use a database as translation storage in Symfony 2. Using a database to provide translations is quite easy to do in Symfony 2, but unfortunately it’s actually not explained in Symfony 2 website. Creating language entities At first, we have to create database entities for language management. In my …

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