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Jan 17

Widget management bundle 0.2.0 now support annotations

I didn’t had much time to work on my personal projects this past year, but I had time to make a really useful update. The Widget management bundle┬ánow support a Widget annotation. There is two ways to use it. The service way : any method in any service with the Widget annotation in automatically added …

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Dec 11


Presentation The AppManager help you manage your application. You can have multiple versions of an application online (for tests and rollback purpose), the App Manager allow you to choose which one is the one in production. This application is really useful in mutual hosting, where you can’t go with SSH to launch Symfony2 commands. You …

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Jan 16

Plevin : routing mechanism

Introduction In this article I’ll present the routing mechanism inside my home-made php framework : Plevin. The routing mechanism inside Plevin is quite simple. Every controller (named here handler) is market with an annotation and a file is generated at website initialisation. Controller (handler) class Here you can see a simple example of controller. The …

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Jan 11

Image management bundle for Symfony 2 / Twig

Introduction During works on some websites, I often encountered the necessity to create thumbnails of existing images. Its allways the same problem : I need to save thumbnails on some specific directories, manage thumbnails creations on file upload and so on. So I decided to create the ElendevImageBundle for Symfony 2. The template designer specify …

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Dec 21

A home made PHP framework : Plevin

Introduction Plevin means Plug Evolution In. It’s a little bit pretentious but when I started working on it I had a lot of ambitions. I’ve done a lot of great work around my home made MVC framework in PHP but I had a severe lack of time. The framework have never been finished but there …

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